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Block Party 2017



Ever year UBC holds an end of the year concert for all the students. For the past 6 years, since its conception, has provided event photo and video coverage of the event. This year we were banned from bringing cameras into the event to provide our usual coverage. The organization holding the event felt that by eliminating our content they would be able to gain more traction on social media. To us, this felt unfair because our goal has always been to share and display cool shit happing on campus. We were the original photographers sharing these experiences with our community. Not only did they cut us out but they also refused access to our school newspaper and other organizations. For them to cut all of us out from the biggest event on campus felt unfair and spiteful. 

To resolve this issue I had the idea to send 14 disposable cameras into the event. The idea was that security would never expect somebody to cover an event with disposable cameras. We handed the cameras out to different students to document their night. The result was a very honest and real account of Block party.

This stunt was wildly successful, gathering a reach of over 40k with a school of only 50k. It was the most viewed and most enjoyed covererage of the event.

Check out the result! 

Timothy HogganComment